Tips for Entrepreneurs from a First Year VC

by Kasper Tidemann

Before joining Greylock Partners in 2011, John Lilly was the CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Given his hands-on experience with mobile, user interfaces etc., he is one of the more well-rounded and entrepreneurial VCs out there.

A little over a year ago, John wrote an excellent post about the experiences he collected during his first year as a VC. I quote:

Be prepared and have a pitch, but be willing to go off script. Talk about the parts of what you’re doing that are the most exciting to you! And in general, it’s probably best not to just jump into a PowerPoint deck.

If the timing, the opportunities, the team, the product, and everything else align, the best funding will always be revenue. You can’t beat that – at least in theory.

But in practice, if you’re looking to rapidly grow your business, funding might be for you. In that case, I highly recommended reading John’s post.