Think Distributed: A Distributed Systems Podcast

by Kasper Tidemann

You may know distributed systems from having read about things like telecommunications, how the Internet is built, MapReduce or similar topics. The principle of distribution is interesting from a production point of view since it differs greatly from the classical monolithic setup, introducing pros and cons alike.

On the practical side, you see products such as Hadoop, ZooKeeper, or Riak, a rock-solid, distributed key-value store. These products build on the theoretical foundation put forward by some of the brightest minds in the field.

Just recently, Chris Meiklejohn from Basho announced episode 1 of his new Think Distributed podcast, a podcast that sets to deal with both the practical and theoretical aspects of distributed systems. The first episode is a discussion of consensus in distributed computing.

Even if you’ve never fiddled with distributed systems before, you should listen to the first episode. It’s great!