The Road to Ember 2.0

by Kasper Tidemann

Tom Dale just published his request for comments on the road to Ember 2.0. This is a much anticipated read from my part.

About a year ago, I came across React and was quite intrigued by their simplified take on developing for the frontend. Not being particularly fond of the API, I digged deeper, taking Mercury, Vue, and finally Mithril for a spin – the latter being the most easy-to-work-with framework I have ever experienced.

The speed and simplicity of Mithril is striking. Granted, many concepts are missing, but you find yourself in rare need of them for everyday tasks. In that light, I’m excited about the future of Ember.js. It is still my framework of choice for heavy web applications – and the road ahead tells of an even more intuitive, lightweight, and CLI-powered experience.