The jj-abrams branch of Ember Data

by Kasper Tidemann

These are exciting times for persistence in the Ember.js corner of the web world.

First came Ember Data, the official persistence layer for Ember.js. Then came Ember Model by Erik Bryn, a worthy – and at the time more regularly updated – alternative. Later on, Ember.js Persistence Foundation emerged thanks to Gordon Hempton, building on the idea of sessions with a declared goal of getting rid of all the locking-based issues found in Ember Data, paving the way for streaming data to the client.

But what about Ember Data? Some people got the notion that it was abandoned, turning to the alternatives. But no! On the contrary, Yehuda Katz is working hard these days getting it up to speed. Ember Data, already being solid enough for use in production, is now being furtherly improved for the upcoming version 1.0 release of Ember.js.

To stay tuned, follow the commits in the jj-abrams branch on GitHub. Oh, and will locking be removed from Ember Data? “Indeed!” is the reply. Marvellous!