Firefox OS screenshots on a ZTE Open, part 2

by Kasper Tidemann

Not too long ago I bought a ZTE Open to take Firefox OS for a spin. The device came preloaded with Firefox OS version 1.0 and only recently did I find the time to compile and install Firefox OS version 1.2 – the latest in the series.

Booting up the device after a successful flash will have a new lock screen show up. You touch and drag either left or right to use the camera or unlock the phone.

The home screen looks like it did in version 1.0. However, there are some inconsistencies in version 1.2 including two music apps and a bunch of scripts for testing the device in various ways. Deleting all those and keeping it somewhat clean, this is how the home screen looks.

Redesigned a bit is the clock app that now has a dark finish. The gallery app is simple and has sharing options including e-mail and bluetooth. The marketplace app has been changed a bit as well, but I’m sure this is done on a central server somewhere serving up HTML that gets changed from time to time.

Finally, a new feature: typing in what you’re thinking of. It appears at the top of the leftmost home screen. Tapping the text field and typing “coffee”, Firefox shows you an array of different options – much like the unified search on Windows Phone.

All in all, Firefox OS version 1.2 seems more polished than version 1.0. It feels way faster to use as well, especially the keyboard. Pretty excited for version 1.3 scheduled for release in early 2014.