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Category: Ruby

Jo Liss on the JavaScript Jabber show

Jo Liss, the creator of Solitr and broccoli, was recently on the JavaScript Jabber show to talk about broccoli. Jo goes into detail about the differences between the asset pipeline in Ruby on Rails and backend-agnostic tools like broccoli. She explains common challenges like how the compile time of SASS projects are linear to the […]

How to upgrade to Bundler 1.3

If you’ve installed RubyGems 2.0, chances are you’re seeing this error in your terminal when trying to use bundle: Bundler is not compatible with Rubygems 2.0. Please upgrade to Bundler 1.3 or higher. In order to fix this, you need to install the pre-release version of Bundler 1.3. Do so by running gem install bundler […]

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