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Riak 2.0.0 RC1 and CRDTs

Basho has officially released Riak 2.0.0 RC1. This is an exciting new release that contains features such as the reborn search engine and CRDTs – conflict-free replicated data types. The latter aims at making conflict resolution easier. Instead of stored data being opaque, the idea is to let the database know about the actual data […]

Convergent/Divergent by Christopher Meiklejohn

My friend and distributed partner-in-crime, Christopher Meiklejohn, gave a talk at this year’s EmberConf about distributed systems. Nothing is truly monolithic until persistence is instant. There is no simple truth across networks. And hence, the last writes always seem to win, making me highly recommend listening to his talk.

Think Distributed: A Distributed Systems Podcast

You may know distributed systems from having read about things like telecommunications, how the Internet is built, MapReduce or similar topics. The principle of distribution is interesting from a production point of view since it differs greatly from the classical monolithic setup, introducing pros and cons alike. On the practical side, you see products such […]

A Little Riak Book

Eric Redmond from Basho has written and just relased the aptly-titled A Little Riak Book. The book is free to download and deals with introductory topics concerning moving from SQL to NoSQL, buckets, keys, operations – it even covers how Riak is built. If you’re looking to learn more about Riak and even deploy a […]

How to fix the 'RPC to riak@<address>' failed error

Riak version 1.3.0 was released a couple of days ago and it contains a very exciting set of new features. You’ve probably already upgraded by now – congratulations! If you make use of Riak Search by using the search-cmd in the terminal, you might be seeing this error when attempting to perform a search for […]

Pretty-printing JSON in the terminal

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve probably worked with JSON in the terminal before. A very common use-case is when dealing with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB or Riak. curl‘ing the database for a resource spits out JSON like so: curl -X GET http://localhost:8098/riak/users?keys=true {“props”:{“name”:”users”,”allow_mult”:false,”basic_quorum”:false,”big_vclock”:50,”chash_keyfun”:{“mod”:”riak_core_util”,”fun”:”chash_std_keyfun”},”dw”:”quorum”,”last_write_wins”:false,”linkfun”:{“mod”:”riak_kv_wm_link_walker”,”fun”:”mapreduce_linkfun”},”n_val”:3,”notfound_ok”:true,”old_vclock”:86400,”postcommit”:[],”pr”:0,”precommit”:[],”pw”:0,”r”:”quorum”,”rw”:”quorum”,”small_vclock”:50,”w”:”quorum”,”young_vclock”:20},”keys”:[“kt@meemo.io”,”cl@meemo.io”]} Unfortunately, that’s not too easily readable. This brings us […]

RICON 2012

If you’re a fan of the distributed database Riak, you may know of the upcoming RICON 2012 conference in San Francisco. If you’re going, drop me a line in the comments section or write me on twitter – I’ll be there as well. Can’t wait to go!

Future development of riak-js

If you fiddle around with Riak like me and you love Node.js, you’ve probably stumbled upon riak-js, the client used in the examples in the excellent Riak Handbook by Mathias Meyer (and in the numerous tutorials out there). You may also have noticed that the riakjs.org site is down and that Francisco Treacy, the author, […]

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