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Category: Offline mode

Ember.js meetup in London

I’ll be speaking at the Ember.js meetup in London this Wednesday, the 11th of December. My talk will be about Ember.js and offline mode, how to get started and what to keep in mind as you go. If you’re in town, swing by and say hi! There are still seats available.

Regarding the manifest fetch failed error in Chrome

If you’re working with a cache manifest for enabling offline mode in your web application, you’re likely to have stumbled upon the following error message in Chrome: Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (-1) http://example.com/cache.manifest This is due to the fact that on every page load, Chrome attempts to retrieve the cache manifest file […]

Offline Support is Valuable, and You Can’t Add it Later

Aanand Prasad joined a conversation I had on twitter regarding what goes into creating a client-side application that supports offline mode. It’s an interesting field of study that is steadily gaining popularity. Essentially, supporting offline mode in a client-side application written in Ember.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js – or whatever flavor of framework you prefer – will […]

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