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Category: Node.js

Breach – a browser for the HTML5 era

It seems Jeff Atwood was right when he proposed that everything that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript. First, applications like Atom and Brackets entered the stage. Now, there’s Breach. Breach is a browser written entirely in JavaScript using Chromium for the layout engine and Node.js for handling tabs, plug-ins […]

Express 3.x to 4.0 migration guide

If you’re using Node.js, there’s quite the chance you’re using Express as well. The project has reached the version 4.0 release candidate state, bringing some changes with it – mainly that Connect is no longer a dependency. This means that all Connect functions previously available on the express namespace are no longer available. For a […]

How to fix the "Implicit textOnly for `script` and `style` is deprecated." error in Jade

If you’re using Jade with Node.js in a project, chances are you’re seeing this deprecation warning these days: Implicit textOnly for `script` and `style` is deprecated. Use `script.` or `style.` instead. Unfortunately, the error message is not too helpful, lacking references to files and line numbers. What it means is that in your templates, whenever […]


My friend and fellow developer, Sebastian Seilund, has just opened up his new blog. He plans to write mostly about tech and in his first post, he dives into the different use-cases of the async module for Node.js. Go check it out!

How to clear cookies using express 3.0.0rc4

According to the documentation of express, you need to call res.clearCookie(name, [options]); to clear a cookie. If the cookie is set with a path of '/', a call to res.clearCookie('<cookie name>', { path: '/' }) should clear it. However, I’ve experienced numerous times that this doesn’t work, even when the paths are the same. If […]

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