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The lovely folks over at Ducksboard wave their magic JavaScript wands around in order to create real-time dashboards for business metrics. In this relation, they have just open sourced and released their gridster.js jQuery plug-in that allows for building draggable elements spanning multiple columns – it’s what they use themselves in their product. It’s a […]

Advice on & Instruction in the Use Of Ember.js

Trek Glowacki has written an excellent, in-depth, and hands-on blog post about Ember.js. In the article, Trek explains his view of Ember.js versus the many other client-side framework alternatives and provides a simple, solid tutorial on how to get started with a basic Ember.js application. It’s a must-read for anybody interested in the framework, and […]

jQuery Transit – CSS3 animations for jQuery

I recently stumbled upon jQuery Transit, a library for making use of CSS3 transitions and transformations instead of the plain old changing of style values based on a timer. To bring it to life, you simply need to use $(..).transition() instead of $(..).animate() – and there you go.

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