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Category: JavaScript

Mithril Elements

The Mithril project by Leo Horie has seen great traction the past few months and with good cause: it’s an amazingly simple, easy-to-use framework for client-side applications written in JavaScript. With great traction comes community support and extensions to the framework. One of the first in line is the brand new Mithril Elements by Phil […]

The Road to Ember 2.0

Tom Dale just published his request for comments on the road to Ember 2.0. This is a much anticipated read from my part. About a year ago, I came across React and was quite intrigued by their simplified take on developing for the frontend. Not being particularly fond of the API, I digged deeper, taking […]

Simple, responsive charts using Chartist.js

There’s an exciting new charting library out by the name of Chartist.js. It works by leveraging inline SVG and does not offer any custom events, labels or the likes – Chartist.js is just for plain, simple charting that is responsive as well. Check out the examples here, they’re quite good.

Jo Liss on the JavaScript Jabber show

Jo Liss, the creator of Solitr and broccoli, was recently on the JavaScript Jabber show to talk about broccoli. Jo goes into detail about the differences between the asset pipeline in Ruby on Rails and backend-agnostic tools like broccoli. She explains common challenges like how the compile time of SASS projects are linear to the […]

Intro.js – better introductions for websites

The art of creating a better onboarding experience is gaining focus rapidly these days. For instance, the difference between signing up for twitter versus Slack is enormous with the Slack team clearly having put much energy into creating the best possible experience. Typically, onboarding contains some kind of highlighting the features you’re looking at on […]

Card – make your credit card form better in one line of code

Setting up payment options for the next big thing you’re just about to launch can be somewhat of a pain. Not only do you have to integrate with oftentimes curiously-looking APIs, it also has to be a pleasant experience for others to give you money. Jesse Pollak has taken a stab at the latter with […]

Eloquent JavaScript

In the JavaScript world, one of the classic must-reads when starting out – or brushing up your skill set – is Eloquent JavaScript by Marijn Haverbeke. Buying the book is certainly an option, yet it just became possible to read the book online due to the Creative Commons licensing. It’s worth diving into just for […]

Breach – a browser for the HTML5 era

It seems Jeff Atwood was right when he proposed that everything that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript. First, applications like Atom and Brackets entered the stage. Now, there’s Breach. Breach is a browser written entirely in JavaScript using Chromium for the layout engine and Node.js for handling tabs, plug-ins […]

The Road to Ember Data 1.0

Recently, Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz co-wrote a post regarding the road to Ember Data 1.0. I’ve been an avid user of Ember Data from the very beginning, at least since revision 4 back in the summer of 2012. Much has changed since then, resulting in code frequently breaking and heads frequently aching. But I […]

JSHint for Atom

The web community is buzzing these days due to the release of Atom, the new text editor by GitHub. While Atom reminds heavily of both Sublime Text and Light Table, there are notable differences – especially the packages system. On that note, Sindre Sorhus just released his JSHint for Atom package. It’s a neat addition […]

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