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Category: Google Chrome

Improving CSS animation performance in Chrome

If you’re like me, you get a tickly feeling when working with CSS animations. Just the right sprinkle will spark magic and bring about it committed users. Well, not always since animation performance can be quite terrible, especially in Chrome. Reaching 60 fps in the browser is hard in general, but there has to be […]

Chrome, WebGL and launch preparations

Part of preparing for an upcoming launch is trying out different means of presenting what you’ve created – be it slideshows, videos, music or animations. Lately, we’ve been playing around with WebGL, Chrome and the meemo smile. While it’s not entirely useful, it definitely touches on the capabilities of WebGL in the browser. Using Chrome […]

Regarding the manifest fetch failed error in Chrome

If you’re working with a cache manifest for enabling offline mode in your web application, you’re likely to have stumbled upon the following error message in Chrome: Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (-1) http://example.com/cache.manifest This is due to the fact that on every page load, Chrome attempts to retrieve the cache manifest file […]

How to try out the Ember Inspector in Google Chrome

Yehuda Katz has been working on Ember Inspector, an extension for Google Chrome that exposes what happens with views, controllers, objects etc. when running an Ember.js application. There’s already a few videos demonstrating the inspector, including Ember Inspector: Live Controllers. It will be officially available with the release of Ember.js version 1.0, but you can […]

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