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Category: Firefox OS

Firefox OS screenshots on a ZTE Open, part 2

Not too long ago I bought a ZTE Open to take Firefox OS for a spin. The device came preloaded with Firefox OS version 1.0 and only recently did I find the time to compile and install Firefox OS version 1.2 – the latest in the series. Booting up the device after a successful flash […]

Firefox OS screenshots on a ZTE Open

I recently purchased the official Firefox OS developer preview phone, the ZTE Open. While the phone itself is just that, a developer preview phone – and hence, has a limited 150 MB built-in memory etc. – what I was looking for was a hands-on experience of the look and feel of Firefox OS. First off, […]

How to take a screenshot on the ZTE Open

I was trying to take a screenshot in relation to an error message I was receiving on the ZTE Open running Firefox OS. No blog posts had it right when googling this, so here is how to do it: To take a screenshot, you need to hold down the power button and the home button […]

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