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The Road to Ember 2.0

Tom Dale just published his request for comments on the road to Ember 2.0. This is a much anticipated read from my part. About a year ago, I came across React and was quite intrigued by their simplified take on developing for the frontend. Not being particularly fond of the API, I digged deeper, taking […]

The Road to Ember Data 1.0

Recently, Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz co-wrote a post regarding the road to Ember Data 1.0. I’ve been an avid user of Ember Data from the very beginning, at least since revision 4 back in the summer of 2012. Much has changed since then, resulting in code frequently breaking and heads frequently aching. But I […]

meemo splash screen

I finally created the splash screen for meemo, my Ember.js project that is launching soon. Stay tuned!

Interview with Tom Dale from QCon

Recently, Tom Dale gave an interview at QCon about Ember.js and similar JavaScript frameworks, the highly useful Ember Inspector, life as an open source contributor, and much more. It’s a really great interview, definitely recommendable if you’re into Ember.js.

Ember.js meetup in London

I’ll be speaking at the Ember.js meetup in London this Wednesday, the 11th of December. My talk will be about Ember.js and offline mode, how to get started and what to keep in mind as you go. If you’re in town, swing by and say hi! There are still seats available.

Where are the records stored in Ember Data?, part 3

With the release of Ember Data beta 1, the way records are stored locally changed once again, paving the way for a new blog post about how to currently find and inspect those records. Adding a bit of context here, you might find yourself in a situation where you want to know if a record […]


The good Alex Matchneer talked at the Ember.js meetup in New York November 20th about the differences between AngularJS and Ember.js, providing a solid comparison between the two. A quote from the presentation: List-rendering tens of thousands of items is faster in AngularJS. That said, once rendered, bound AngularJS arrays are massively trolled by slow […]


There’s a neat feature in the Ember.js computed properties API that has received little attention so far, yet definitely deserves to be mentioned more: the Em.arrayComputed function. Essentially, it’s a helper that wraps a computed property function just like the Em.computed.* equivalents. However, Em.arrayComputed is especially useful for working with arrays. Here is a basic […]

Upcoming release of Ember.js 1.0 final and Ember Data 1.0 beta

According to the core team, the current plan is to release Ember.js 1.0 final this Saturday, August 31st. This is a major milestone and such a fantastic achievement by everybody involved. Coinciding is the Ember Data 1.0 beta release which is also scheduled for Saturday. As previously mentioned, work has been going on in the […]

Configuring plurals of model names in Ember Data

Expressing different grammatical categories is called inflection. In software development, inflection libraries such as fleck by Trek Glowacki will help automate the process of converting singulars to plurals and vice versa – something that comes in handy when adding or removing a plural s just doesn’t apply. Say you have a model named App.Activity. Out […]

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