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Category: Ember Data

The Road to Ember Data 1.0

Recently, Tom Dale and Yehuda Katz co-wrote a post regarding the road to Ember Data 1.0. I’ve been an avid user of Ember Data from the very beginning, at least since revision 4 back in the summer of 2012. Much has changed since then, resulting in code frequently breaking and heads frequently aching. But I […]

Where are the records stored in Ember Data?, part 3

With the release of Ember Data beta 1, the way records are stored locally changed once again, paving the way for a new blog post about how to currently find and inspect those records. Adding a bit of context here, you might find yourself in a situation where you want to know if a record […]

Upcoming release of Ember.js 1.0 final and Ember Data 1.0 beta

According to the core team, the current plan is to release Ember.js 1.0 final this Saturday, August 31st. This is a major milestone and such a fantastic achievement by everybody involved. Coinciding is the Ember Data 1.0 beta release which is also scheduled for Saturday. As previously mentioned, work has been going on in the […]

Configuring plurals of model names in Ember Data

Expressing different grammatical categories is called inflection. In software development, inflection libraries such as fleck by Trek Glowacki will help automate the process of converting singulars to plurals and vice versa – something that comes in handy when adding or removing a plural s just doesn’t apply. Say you have a model named App.Activity. Out […]

The jj-abrams branch of Ember Data

These are exciting times for persistence in the Ember.js corner of the web world. First came Ember Data, the official persistence layer for Ember.js. Then came Ember Model by Erik Bryn, a worthy – and at the time more regularly updated – alternative. Later on, Ember.js Persistence Foundation emerged thanks to Gordon Hempton, building on […]

Ember Data Evolution

Having kept somewhat up to speed with the latest development of Ember Data, I haven’t been able to overlook some of the issues that have been open for quite some time – including the notorious didCreate issue. Spearheading his own set of revisions and pull requests, Paul Chavard has made public his previously private fork […]

Where are the records stored in Ember Data?, part 2

Notice: since the time of writing, this has been changed in Ember Data. Please take a look at this post instead. When working with Ember Data version 0.13, you might want to inspect the records that are stored locally in the browser for debugging purposes or just for peeking at the internals of the persistence […]

meeho.js and Ember Hot Seat

I’ve just been interviewed by DeVaris Brown for the second episode of the Ember Hot Seat series coming out later this week. During the interview, I talk about my experiences as a newcomer to Ember.js, I try to give some advice on how to get started etc. I also mention a framework I worked on […]

Ember Weekly

These days, as the framework matures and with a stabilized version of Ember Data on the way, the Ember.js community is blooming with initiatives covering documentation, how-to’s, widgets etc. On the news front, Ember Weekly is worth signing up for. Ember Weekly is a newsletter that recaps what has happened in the community on a […]

The new Ember.js Getting Started guide

Trek Glowacki has recently finished the brand new Getting Started guide for Ember.js. It’s based on the TodoMVC application and features lots of common use cases and patterns for showing different kinds of data. Even if you’re a seasoned embereƱo, the guide is worth reading.

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