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Category: Conferences

con.devdk 2015

Last year saw the birth of a new conference in Denmark, con.devdk. The event was a massive success and a great experience for everybody attending. This year should be even better. I’m excited to announce that I’ll be giving a talk about JavaScript, Mithril, the Go stack, and how virtual DOM brought server-side rendering back […]

Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks

Digging into the goldmine that is web development frameworks, first thing you encounter is perhaps the TodoMVC project by Addy Osmani and Sindre Sorhus. It’s a great resource for getting a hands-on impression of the different frameworks currently out there. Now, I recently stumbled across a post entitled Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks. […]

RICON 2012

If you’re a fan of the distributed database Riak, you may know of the upcoming RICON 2012 conference in San Francisco. If you’re going, drop me a line in the comments section or write me on twitter – I’ll be there as well. Can’t wait to go!

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