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Tips for Entrepreneurs from a First Year VC

Before joining Greylock Partners in 2011, John Lilly was the CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Given his hands-on experience with mobile, user interfaces etc., he is one of the more well-rounded and entrepreneurial VCs out there. A little over a year ago, John wrote an excellent post about the experiences he collected during his first year […]

Humble beginnings

Alex MacCaw, JavaScript developer at Stripe, has written a short yet very inspiring blog post about the humble beginnings of some of the tech giants we’ve all come to know and love over the past few years. A highly recommended read.

Microsoft’s Lost Decade

Vanity Fair has published a highly interesting article about Microsoft, the company we all used to loathe because of their relentlessly awful browser, operating systems that would crash and slow down over time, messed up Visual Studio libraries etc. But what went wrong exactly? Kurt Eichenwald, the author of the article, points his finger at […]

A short note on ASAP

— I know we’re running a bit late ourselves, but could you have the work ready this Friday? The window of opportunity is not open for long, so we’re really trying to push things here. Can we get it done as soon as possible? If you’re a developer, chances are you’ve been in situations with […]

Do you live in fear?

On June 4th, news broke that Buddy Media is being sold to Salesforce for $689 million. Right after, Michael Lazerow sat down and recorded a touching video about his heart condition, about living in fear, and about the calming, peaceful feeling that embraced him at the hospital. It’s truly an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing, […]

Pre to postmortem: the inside story of the death of Palm and webOS

Do you remember the Palm Pre? The game of cards UI metaphor? Those were interesting concepts indeed, but where did it all go? Chris Ziegler has written an excellent article about the brief rise and fall of Palm and its webOS. Here is a quote from the article: The ten-strong Luna team went into full-on stealth […]


For general purpose searching, we’ve got good old uncle Google helping us out. For searching for icons there’s Iconfinder, an exciting, blazingly fast search engine that returns thousands of icon suggestions for searches such as “arrow”, “home”, “twitter” etc. For any web designer, this is truly a life saver on a daily basis. Iconfinder is […]

Thoughts on building a client-side JavaScript framework

Notice: since the time of writing, I’ve appeared in the Ember Hot Seat where I talk about this and much more. Please take a look at this post in that relation. As you may or may not know, I am the main developer of Meeho!™, a software platform for project management and client handling. The […]

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