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Stop working (so hard)

On my Danish blog, I recently wrote about creativity: where it comes from, at which times, and how to harness it properly. Today, along those lines, I stumbled upon a post by Kyle Bragger. I quote: There’s a pervasive and toxic way of thinking ‘round these parts that you’ve gotta out-hustle your competitors; that you […]

Ember: Baby Steps

Rob Conery is the co-founder of Tekpub.com. Recently, he took Ember.js for a spin and this resulted in a tutorial about some of the framework conventions, how to setup models, routing etc. If you’re new to Ember.js and searching for good places to start, this is definitely one of them.

Why Discourse uses Ember.js

Recently, I posted about Discourse, a new take on forums and discussions created in Ember.js. One of the key aspects of choosing a framework is to be able to decide based on best practices. But because Ember.js still is relatively new – and added to that, because the track record of client-side MVCs is still […]

Integrating Pusher with Ember.js

In my own project, I make use of Socket.IO for emitting messages back and forth between the client and the server. This is a somewhat expensive yet excellent approach for close to real-time synchronization of whatever information gets exchanged. While I have my own setup for managing WebSockets, there’s a great service out there, Pusher, […]

Building an Ember.js app with a Ruby on Rails API

Brian Cardarella has written an excellent series of posts on how to get started building an application in Ember.js using a Ruby on Rails API as the backend. If you’re just getting started and want to know more about Ember.js, client-server communication, the handy ActiveModel::Serializer etc., then this post is for you.

Humble beginnings

Alex MacCaw, JavaScript developer at Stripe, has written a short yet very inspiring blog post about the humble beginnings of some of the tech giants we’ve all come to know and love over the past few years. A highly recommended read.

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Ember Run Loop

Alex Matchneer recently wrote a blog post about the magic that is the Ember.js run loop. In the post, he explains the different loops, syncronization, what happens when events occur etc. It’s aptly titled “Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Ember Run Loop”.

Toran Billups on the new Ember.js router

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m posting a multitude of documentation, blog posts, and screencasts about the new router in Ember.js. Toran Billups is one of the latest to pitch in with his intro to the new router. He has recorded a great, hands-on screencast that’s available on his blog.

This Week in Ember.js

Bradley Priest has been writing about what’s new in Ember.js for a while now on his own blog, yet just now did I realize that he’s writing on the official Ember.js blog as well. If you haven’t got the time to follow every single commit and merge on GitHub, Bradley’s blog posts are excellent wrap-ups […]

You Are Not Your Code

Remember Prototype, the JavaScript framework of choice back in 2006, long before the rise of jQuery? Through prototyping – hence the name – it attempted to make up for some of the shortcomings of JavaScript. It had classes, a nifty dollar function, and much more that has since become standards in newer libraries, although implemented […]

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