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Month: September, 2013

UTF-8 is the greatest hack ever

In the beginning was communication between different companies and nationalities, crossing borders and cultures through the wires. This all happened by faxing each other prints of documents and hence, transmitting images from sender to receiver. As evolution brought us to communicating based entirely on digital representation, locales and character sets started to clash. In this […]

The Stack Trace

Yours truly and Nick Bruun from Iconfinder recently finished recording and releasing the very first episode of The Stack Trace, a new podcast about tech, trends, startups, and the people behind it all. In the first episode, we talk about iOS 7 and how we’re disappointed by it in many ways. Also, I mention the […]

Regarding the manifest fetch failed error in Chrome

If you’re working with a cache manifest for enabling offline mode in your web application, you’re likely to have stumbled upon the following error message in Chrome: Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (-1) http://example.com/cache.manifest This is due to the fact that on every page load, Chrome attempts to retrieve the cache manifest file […]

iOS 7 is a magic trick

I recently tweeted about how the new zooming animations in iOS 7 make me seasick. While this holds a certain degree of humor, I’m not joking: at times, I simply have to look away from the screen when quickly navigating from one app to another or opening a folder of apps. Getting seasick when using […]

Detecting a disconnection client-side using Faye

I’ve seen a couple of questions about this on various forums out there. The common goal is to detect a disconnection from the server on the client-side when using Faye. Some people start discussing heartbeating as seen in Socket.IO but in Faye, the solution is much simpler. Say you have an App.faye = new Faye.Client(..) […]

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