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Month: July, 2013

From SproutCore 2.0 to Amber.js to Ember.js

A conversation between me and Tony Arcieri sparked my interest in finding out when exactly the name change happened from Sproutcore 2.0 to Amber.js and then Ember.js. The first commit on GitHub is from April 30th, 2011. Back then, the project’s name was SproutCore 2.0. It actually changed to just SproutCore without the version number […]

Ember Data Evolution

Having kept somewhat up to speed with the latest development of Ember Data, I haven’t been able to overlook some of the issues that have been open for quite some time – including the notorious didCreate issue. Spearheading his own set of revisions and pull requests, Paul Chavard has made public his previously private fork […]

Think Distributed: A Distributed Systems Podcast

You may know distributed systems from having read about things like telecommunications, how the Internet is built, MapReduce or similar topics. The principle of distribution is interesting from a production point of view since it differs greatly from the classical monolithic setup, introducing pros and cons alike. On the practical side, you see products such […]

A Little Riak Book

Eric Redmond from Basho has written and just relased the aptly-titled A Little Riak Book. The book is free to download and deals with introductory topics concerning moving from SQL to NoSQL, buckets, keys, operations – it even covers how Riak is built. If you’re looking to learn more about Riak and even deploy a […]

Computed Property Macros in Ember.js

Ember.js and the Ember namespace is jam-packed with useful functions for performing various operations, working with variables, properties etc. Some of my favorites are the ones found in Ember.String and Ember.computed. Recently, Robin Ward covered the latter, how to put to good use the computed property macros in Ember.computed. Go read his blog post to […]

Offline Support is Valuable, and You Can’t Add it Later

Aanand Prasad joined a conversation I had on twitter regarding what goes into creating a client-side application that supports offline mode. It’s an interesting field of study that is steadily gaining popularity. Essentially, supporting offline mode in a client-side application written in Ember.js, Angular.js, Backbone.js – or whatever flavor of framework you prefer – will […]

GitHub Workflow for Alfred 2

Back in the days, everybody used Quicksilver for launching applications in Mac OS X. Today, alternatives have emerged including Alfred, an application launcher that builds heavily on the Quicksilver heritage. One of the concepts of Alfred is workflows, simple additions that allow you to search on specific sites, for instance. And in that regard, meet […]

PlaceIt by Breezi

Often, creating lush looking product photos requires a lot of work and usually involves a professional photographer. However, especially for testing ideas, there’s an alternative. Breezi is a rather funky web design app and they’ve just launched PlaceIt, a service that places an image in a wide range of stage photos. It’s great for producing […]

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