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Month: April, 2013


Ryan Florence has been working on a couple of Ember.js screencasts that are now available on ember101.com. He walks through common patterns such as the master-detail pattern used in most web applications along with examples of displaying lists etc. A great effort on the road to better documentation and examples.

The Ember.js commit starlog

I’m working hard these days gearing up towards the launch of an exciting platform based on Ember.js. During this period of intense development, I primarily catch up on changes to the framework via the Ember.js commit starlog. The Force is strong with this one!

Stop working (so hard)

On my Danish blog, I recently wrote about creativity: where it comes from, at which times, and how to harness it properly. Today, along those lines, I stumbled upon a post by Kyle Bragger. I quote: There’s a pervasive and toxic way of thinking ‘round these parts that you’ve gotta out-hustle your competitors; that you […]

Mozilla is Unlocking the Power of the Web as a Platform for Gaming

My first computer was an IBM PC 486. It ran Windows 3.11 on top of MS-DOS and had classic games such as Legend of Kyrandia, Raptor, and DOOM installed. I created launch menus for my games, small ASCII pieces of art in .bat scripting and had a lot of fun. Back in 1995, I would […]

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