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Month: March, 2013

Building an App with Ember.js

Tom Dale, one of the core members of the Ember.js team, has recently recorded a screencast on how to build an app with Ember.js. Tom shows how to create templates, routes, and models in just a few steps. The app displays a list of blog posts with the ability to edit each post. Tom also […]

The canonical Ember.js routing example has been updated

I just updated my canonical Ember.js routing example to make use of the latest Ember.js build, Handlebars 1.0.0-rc.3, and jQuery 1.9.1. The example serves as a starting point for understanding how routing, controllers, and views work in Ember.js. I’ve also updated the live version of the example code and the ZIP file available for download. […]

Ember: Baby Steps

Rob Conery is the co-founder of Tekpub.com. Recently, he took Ember.js for a spin and this resulted in a tutorial about some of the framework conventions, how to setup models, routing etc. If you’re new to Ember.js and searching for good places to start, this is definitely one of them.

Inspecting objects in Handlebars.js

When working with Handlebars.js templates, you might need to log something to the console in order to inspect values that are being shown, looped through or whatever the use case may be. Logging to the console in a template is possible by using the log helper. For instance, if you want to log the class […]

Contre Jour

Contre Jour is a game about a small blob named Petit (inspired by the book The Little Prince, hence the French name). Petit can only move around by the player manipulating the environment in his favor. The game was originally released for iOS and Android, but Microsoft made a port of it to HTML5 that’s […]

Recordings of talks given at Ember Camp 2013

The Ember Camp 2013 event took place on February 15th, 2013. Unfortunately, I was in Copenhagen so I couldn’t participate. But luckily, the guys at Addepar recently put up all the recordings of the talks given during the day. (Bonus info: all participants were given an embear, the Ember.js teddy bear! Thanks to Sebastian Seilund […]

Ember.js discussion forum

Following the launch of Discourse some time ago, members of the the Ember.js community decided to use Discourse as the discussion forum for topics covering best practices, how-to’s, general implementation questions etc. So if you have a question that might be unfitting for GitHub, go ahead and ask it on Discourse.

New Ember.js naming conventions guide

A key part of understanding Ember.js is to understand the naming conventions that underlie the whole framework. In practice, this means to understand which objects Ember.js will look for by default when setting up routes etc. Yehuda Katz just finished the re-write of the guide a couple of days ago. If you’re new to Ember.js, […]


Ember.js contains many handy functions for helping out with everyday developer tasks. As per JavaScript version 1.8.5, a keys function was introduced to the Object wrapper. The only problem is that not every browser supports that version of JavaScript – and hence, doesn’t support the use of keys. Luckily, there’s a fallback in Ember.js: Ember.keys. […]

Listing all routes in an Ember.js app

At some point, you may need to list all routes accessible in your Ember.js app. This can sometimes be handy during development. With Ember.js 1.0.0-rc.1, an instance of the router is located at App.Router.router. The instance has a recognizer that parses URL strings and tells the application where to go, basically. You can try this […]

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