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Month: January, 2013

Canonical Ember.js routing example, part 2

Around 5 months ago, I released my first example of how to use routing in Ember.js. Since then, lots of things have changed in the framework, all for the better in order to create more concise, clear code. For the same reason, my routing example needed a proper update. This aptly named canonical routing example […]

How to get the latest master build of Ember.js

If you want to get the latest master build of Ember.js at any given time, you have the option of going completely bleeding-edge, cloning the project repository on GitHub and running bundle exec rake dist on your locale machine. This does, however, introduce the possibility of you building something that is a work in progress. […]

Pro-tip: Internet Explorer 6

Pro-tip: if you’re a web developer, use this excellent tool to figure out how your site looks in Internet Explorer 6. (Note: fun stuff may occur.)

Auto-synthesized controllers when using the needs API in Ember.js

Synthesizing could be summed up as the art of automatically creating getters and setters for properties. If you’ve ever developed anything in Objective-C, chances are you’ve stumbled across the @synthesize directive a couple of times. Since my recent post on the needs API, auto-synthesize behavior has been added to Ember.js. Now, if you want to […]

GitHub pull request with an animated GIF in it

Have you ever seen a pull request on GitHub with an animated GIF in it explaining the idea or problem? No? Well, me neither. Not until this pull request, that is.

Building an Ember.js app with a Ruby on Rails API

Brian Cardarella has written an excellent series of posts on how to get started building an application in Ember.js using a Ruby on Rails API as the backend. If you’re just getting started and want to know more about Ember.js, client-server communication, the handy ActiveModel::Serializer etc., then this post is for you.

Ember.js 1.0.0-pre.4 is out!

It finally happened! Onto the stage came the new 1.0.0-pre.3 containing the new router API only to be replaced by 1.0.0-pre.4 a couple of hours later which supports jQuery 1.9.0 and the new {{partial}} expression in Handlebars. Go get it while it’s hot off the press!

Humble beginnings

Alex MacCaw, JavaScript developer at Stripe, has written a short yet very inspiring blog post about the humble beginnings of some of the tech giants we’ve all come to know and love over the past few years. A highly recommended read.

The last breaking change of the new Ember.js router API

According to Yehuda Katz, this commit on GitHub constitutes the last breaking API change in the new router. Also, Tom Dale mentioned on twitter that the core API was frozen this week – and that the rest will follow in a month. Ladies and gentlemen, we are approaching 1.0.

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Ember Run Loop

Alex Matchneer recently wrote a blog post about the magic that is the Ember.js run loop. In the post, he explains the different loops, syncronization, what happens when events occur etc. It’s aptly titled “Everything You Never Wanted to Know About the Ember Run Loop”.

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