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Month: November, 2012

Ember.js meetup December 4th in San Francisco

If you’re in San Francisco and want to know more about Ember.js, you should consider attending the meetup that’s being held this Tuesday, December 4th. There are just three spots available, so be sure to RSVP on meetup.com now. I’ll be there, wearing my RICON 2012 hoodie and an Ember.js t-shirt. If you’re going, let […]

How to access views from the DOM via Ember.View.views

One of the key philosophies of Ember.js is that the truth is in JavaScript and reflected in the DOM. This is one of the defining differences between Ember.js and frameworks such as AngularJS. On an overall scale, this means that all your JavaScript views turn into HTML – the DOM, that is – and that […]

Where are the records stored in Ember Data?

Notice: since the time of writing, this has been changed in Ember Data. Please take a look at this post instead. When using Ember Data, you fetch a record by calling apple = App.Fruit.find('apple'). Of course, you now have an apple object, but where is the data actually stored? Ember Data introduces the concept of […]


My friend and fellow developer, Sebastian Seilund, has just opened up his new blog. He plans to write mostly about tech and in his first post, he dives into the different use-cases of the async module for Node.js. Go check it out!

How to manually change the state of a dirtied Ember Data object

Say you use Ember Data for a project. At some point, you’ve fetched an object via banana = App.Fruit.find('banana'). The object has a description of “Yellow fruit!”. Using XHR long-polling (or WebSockets), you may have your server emit an updated version of the object because of another user having changed the description to “A tasty […]

Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks

Digging into the goldmine that is web development frameworks, first thing you encounter is perhaps the TodoMVC project by Addy Osmani and Sindre Sorhus. It’s a great resource for getting a hands-on impression of the different frameworks currently out there. Now, I recently stumbled across a post entitled Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks. […]

The date attribute is back in Ember Data

A couple of hours ago, Yehuda Katz merged pull request #422 of Ember Data into the master branch. It fixes a couple of issues, including the missing date attribute. If you’ve got a local clone of the repository, fire up rake dist, grab the latest ember-data.js out of the dist/ directory – and put to […]

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