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Month: July, 2012

Reserved keywords in ECMAScript

ECMAScript is the language in which the JavaScript dialect is spoken, so to say. And as you may know, some words are reserved for the language itself for certain behaviors, therefore rendering them unusable in your code as variable names etc. I often find myself looking up the reserved keywords to make sure I don’t […]

When will Ember.js be released in version 1.0?

I just recently asked myself just this question: when will Ember.js be released in version 1.0? Then I spoke to Peter Wagenet on the #emberjs IRC channel and he pointed me to the 1.0 Beta milestone of the Ember.js GitHub repository. As of today, status is that 75 issues have been closed while 32 issues […]

fontBomb – Stylishly destroy the web

Philippe-Antoine Lehoux has made a funny experiment out of using -webkit-transform: translate to alter the positioning and rotation of letters wrapped in particle tags on a website using JavaScript. This is how my blog looks after being font-bombed. You should try it out!

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