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Month: June, 2012

How to force word wrap using CSS

On this blog, I have several code examples with a grey background like this: some fancy code. All the code examples are contained within <span> tags. But what if a span tag contains a word – say, a path to a file on a Linux server – that is longer than the width of the […]

Canonical Ember.js routing example

Notice: since the time of writing, this has been changed in Ember.js. Please take a look at this post instead. Ember.js is on the rise with more and more people embracing the framework for creating client-side web applications. The community is focusing heavily on the development these days, making changes and commits on an hourly […]

Client-side vs. server-side rendering

There has been quite the debate in the web development environment about what is faster: client-side or server-side rendering. The debate was initially sparked by twitter proclaiming that they’ve changed to full rendering server-side on initial page loads, which is unlike the general idea of client-side rendering where everything gets rendered state-wise after the initial […]

High-resolution icons of Apple products

If you ever need a high-resolution icon for an Apple product, the Apple TV for instance, look no further than on your own Mac. Open up Terminal and type in open /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources, and a range of .icns files will be revealed to you. The Apple TV icon is called com.apple.apple-tv.icns and the iMac G4 is com.apple.imac-g4-20.icns. Pretty cool.

Textual IRC Client for Mac OS X

If you’re using Mac OS X and find yourself chatting away on IRC, chances are you’re either running a screen‘ed irssi in your terminal, X-Chat Aqua, or perhaps Colloquy. Just yesterday, I stumbled upon Textual, a new app for IRC on the Mac. It supports scripts, IPv6, highlighting via regular expressions, and more. It seems […]

CSS3 PIE: CSS3 decorations for IE

In the projects I maintain, I’ve stopped supporting Internet Explorer 8 and below. For the Internet Explorer 9 users, there’s a bunch of CSS3 bells and whistles that they don’t see. Until now, that is. Micki Rasander Pedersen pointed me in the direction of CSS3 PIE, a 40 kB library for making Internet Explorer 6-9 […]

A short note on ASAP

— I know we’re running a bit late ourselves, but could you have the work ready this Friday? The window of opportunity is not open for long, so we’re really trying to push things here. Can we get it done as soon as possible? If you’re a developer, chances are you’ve been in situations with […]

Adding CoffeeScript highlighting to Sublime Text 2

If you use Sublime Text 2 on Mac OS X and write a lot of CoffeeScript, chances are you’re yearning for CoffeeScript highlighting. It’s not a default part of the 2181 build (the current build), so you have to add it yourself. This is what you need to do: Download the CoffeeScript.tmLanguage file Download the […]

LeakedIn: Is your password safe?

So, LinkedIn was hacked and around 6.5 million unsalted SHA-1 hashes were allegedly leaked because of some crazy bitmonkeys in pirate hats rummaging around the LinkedIn servers. The good people over at FictiveKin have released a tool for checking if your password has been leaked, conveniently named LeakedIn. Even if your salt is safe, let’s remember […]

Texts from Xcode

On a funny note, perhaps you know the Texts from Dog Tumblr that’s been all over the Internet. Now, a new Tumblr has seen the light of day, aimed at Objective-C developers using Xcode: it’s name is Texts from Xcode. If you have ever worked with Xcode, it probably has driven you to the brink […]

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