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Month: May, 2012

An employment manifesto

I am particularly fond of a piece by Jeremy Kahn named “An employment manifesto”. Here is an excerpt: To me, businesses and money are just a means to an end and not the goal itself. Money is a metric that people feel safe attributing value to. I understand that you need money to survive. Yet, […]

Why I love the software game

Put shortly, this is why I love the software game: You have to be motivated to get into it, excel at business to stay in it, and an artist with a compelling passion and a burning heart to get to the top of it.

A common superstition

In the start-up world, uniqueness is a common superstition. It is not about being unique. It is about the ability to adapt and rapidly change to meet the expectations of your surroundings. Never focus on how to avoid being a failure – never be on the defense. Focus on how to achieve success – always […]

A new beginning

Life is one long sentence that begins with only a few words scattered across the paper and ends up only making sense when you’re not here anymore. kaspertidemann.com is a new beginning. I will be writing about the great events and the tiny details, sharing my thoughts with you in an attempt to create something […]

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